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Thomas de la Fuente Con ratingstars

It has been a pleasure visiting your store, this time to acquire a Flamenco cypress guitar. You helped me much with your profound knowledge and warm service. Your guitar collection is outstanding and a joy for Flamenco lovers and I am satisfied taking home a Juan Montero Aguilera guitar in very good condition that has great volume, projection and clarity of tone. Thank you for being so welcoming and I look forward to visiting you in the near future.”

Vic Chase ratingstars

“Luthier is a comfortable, straight-forward place that sells guitars and accessories. The proprietor Tony Acosta is knowledgeable, friendly and applies no pressure. When I first went to Luthier shopping for a classical guitar Tony set me up in a private room and left me alone to try a large variety of guitars for hours on end. When asked, he guided me with his expertise. I made no decision then and told him I would return another day. He applied no pressure for me to make a purchase at the time. When days later, and after many more hours of testing guitars, I eventually narrowed my choice down to two instruments, Tony urged me to take a break, have lunch and come back with a fresh ear. When I eventually made my decision I felt comfortable knowing I was buying a quality guitar from a man who I knew was honest and was treating me fairly.”

Jeff Rojo ratingstars

“Luthier has an amazing selection of top quality instruments, sheet music and cd’s. Tony and Rebecca are the greatest. Very attentive and the very best quality service you cant’ find anywhere else. I have purchased a number of high quality instruments and have learned a lot from Tony and his invaluable advice and expertise. Truly best of the best.”

Allister M. B  ratingstars

My first visit to the store. I ended up purchasing a magnificent John Price guitar. Tony Acosta was the quintessential gentleman: personable, helpful without being pushy, very knowledgable, patient and gracious, with integrity and pride in his business and work. He is old school in the best of ways, and desired to help me find the best instrument for myself. Did not push or try to persuade.What a pleasant experience in his store. He shipped me the guitar very promptly and kindly included some cds, and a music book at no cost. He had a wonderful selection of instruments and music, cd’s and books, and all the accessories a guitarist would need.Very highly recommended. Will definitely purchase my next guitar from him!

Zack M. ratingstars
I would be happy to recommend this shop! Everyone in the shop is very helpful and patient. I did not feel pressured and they did not oversell their products. They have an amazing collection of CD’s and DVD’s.They also gave me lots of time to try out different guitars until i found the right one! This is my number one place!
Flor F. ratingstars
“I always feel welcome and the selection of guitars is fantastic! Only great place left in NYC for classical guitar sheet music. It’s my #1 place!”
Jazzy J. ratingstars
“A guitarist’s candy store. My music geek reawakens every time I set foot in here. They have just about every possible classical or flamenco guitar. Huge sheet music selection, some stuff you barely recognize, but want to take home anyways. Will definitely be bringing the squids for music lessons here.”

Lizk  ratingstars

“This is my number one stop-to-shop for guitars and accessories. I love coming to Luthier Music Co. I can always find the guitar strings that i am looking for in any tension. They have everything for your guitar needs!”

Heather.Q  ratingstars

“I visited Luthier and I felt just like a little kid in a candy store! I truly felt like I did not know where to begin!!! I am looking forward to returning in the near future to purchase some more sheet music and try out some of the beautiful guitars in his shop. Thank you Luthier Music for housing such an excellent collection of guitars, accessories and sheet music.”

ivanpny ratingstars

“I found A John Price guitar, I was amazed at the beautiful tone, excellent balance and powerful projection. Well.. Now I own three J. Price guitars. Thank you Luthier Music for housing such an excellent collection of guitars, accessories and sheet music. It is a pleasure to walk into the store and not only find such a fantastic selection of sheet music, guitars and accessories but to experience the excellent service by Tony and his staff.”

Joel Lankford ratingstars

“I want to recommend Luthier Music for any Classical or Flamenco guitarist looking to purchase a high quality student up to concert quality instrument.

I am a guitarist with 35 years of experience. I have played many instruments in many shops – but I was always hesitant to make a purchase on a new instrument because the choice in the shop was always so limited. I heard imperfections or felt difficulties in the fingerboard that I didn’t like – but I had few instruments to compare.

This is decidedly NOT the case with Luthier Music.

It is devoted to Classical and Flamencan Guitar. Period.

When I visited, I was given a room with 20 guitars available in a given range, the door was closed and I was left in the room for over 2 hours. I played all 20 instruments, narrowed my choice down to 3 instruments after 2 hours of intense testing and talked to Tony – The owner.

Tony wanted to be SURE I was happy with my choice – so he went to the next room and selected 3 more instruments with similar characteristics – by the same or similar makers. I played these guitars and the 3 I had selected for another hour and made my final selection.

Tony has three rooms as I have described where you can test some of the finest instruments by the best makers in the world. I was given 4 hours of intense, unfettered time to test and select an instrument. I have never been so sure of a decision on a instrument in my life. To be precise – I differences in instruments – even from the best Luthier’s personal craftsmanship. You will be able to find those differences in this shop!

My experience at Luthier Music simply could not have been better. Tony gave me a lot of space to do the work I needed to do – but was available when I had questions. He is immensely knowledgeable about guitars. Tony is gracious and patient and a real joy to do business with.

If you are looking for a good quality student instrument on up to the finest concert instruments (they have some really sensational instruments!) – the first stop you should make is Luthier Music in New York. I also recommend Luthier Strings and a visit to the shop for the very best selection of individual and compilation guitar music that I have encountered. The store also has a very good selection of CD’s of players for those of us who like to listen to different artists.

 Buying a guitar at Luthier Music was a singular experience for me!”

Rene ratingstars

“My name is Rene Izquierdo. I am a professional classical guitarist and I have to say nothing but great things about Tony and the Store in general. I have played a Price guitar since 2003 that I bought at Luthier. I have won several International Guitar Competitions (Stotsenberg, Falletta, Coria etc) and tour all over the world with this instrument, and it has always responded well. At least three of my students own a Price that they choose to buy without further advice from me just because they love it. I play Luthier strings (40) since 2003 and I found to be the strings that last me the most. I have very acidic sweat and any other brand of strings fades in my hand withing the first 2 hours of my playing. I have tried all types of strings due to my condition for 25 years and this is truly the only one that has helped me. They are many other strings that are also of incredible quality and they are all offered at the store and Tony is very helpful on guiding you trough the process if you are a beginner, and NEVER found him to be deceiving to a costumer at all. The fact is, that you need as a consumer to get informed as much as you would for any other case that you choose to invest money. Yes the room to try guitars is not big, but I fail to see how you could accommodate anything else in the space he has. I have played guitars there for many years and I could tell the difference from one instrument to another with ease, and was able to discern what I liked or not with no problem. I am a costumer of Tony’s and I am writing this review because he has been falsely accused of misinforming the client which I find to be not true. Any business will always have some costumers that may be not satisfied, however I find that Tony will go through great lengths to help you as much as he could to make you a happy costumer. He, like a good business man, wants you to come back and this only works in his benefit and yours.”

Peanut ratingstars

“Luthier strings have outstanding tone and long life! “

Josh L. ratingstars

The best (only?) place to get tiny miniature musical instruments in NYC!

30seconds ratingstars

“When it comes to buying a guitar, you can’t go wrong with Luthier Music. And the Luthier brand guitar strings are a must buy; nothing like them in the area. I also love going to this store because the staff is so welcoming, almost like family. Even the owner, Tony, is there to help you out with any inquiries, or concerns that you may have. I recommend this store to any, and all, guitar players. “

Sans_domicile ratingstars

“I was very pleased with the attention I received at Luthier Music. The staff helped me find everything I was looking for. I also enjoy the selection of music they have playing when I walk in, very welcoming. I am sure to return. “

Mcmurry ratingstars

“For anyone who loves Flamenco Guitar or Classical Guitar this is the one store that has everything. I always find something to marvel at this store and the selection is fantastic! “

Arrow ratingstars

“Very helpful and patient! Our third time here will definitely come back! “

Biggest  ratingstars

“Fantastic to find such an amazing collection of CD’s and DVD’s. A real joy for flamenco lovers. Please keep this selection alive as we need places like this one! “

Super ratingstars

“Incredible Experience. Very helpful is choosing the right guitar for me. I will be back often. Thank You! “ 

Bibo ratingstars

“Wonderful Music Store!!! —— I recently visited Luthier Music corp on West 44th street in Manhattan and was astonished by the wide assortment of Classical guitars, sheetmusic and accessories they carried. I felt just like a little kid in a candy store! I truly felt like I did not know where to begin!!! Thankfully a gentleman by the name of Tony Acosta saw that I was looking around and offered to help me to find whatever I was looking for. I really was not sure what I wanted to purchase from the sheetmusic section but he was very patient, asked all the right questions, and showed me a few editions of music that I had an interest in. Tony made me feel at home and I am looking forward to returning in the near future to purchase some more sheet music and try out some of the beautiful guitars in his shop. I am not ready to purchase a guitar yet but I mentioned to Tony that I am looking, and he assured me that when I am ready he would be happy to help me find an instrument that suits my playing style and taste. He was so knowledge able about the many different makers that I am confident I will be in good hands when I am ready! I look forward to returning soon!!!! Thank you, Tony and everyone at Luthier for the great service!!! I will be back soon!!! “

The Great one ratingstars

“This is the best store I have ever seen for guitars. They also have a wide selection of books, teaching methods, sheet music, and a large selection of strings and also CD’s of music of classical and flamenco music. I bought four guitars here and am very satisfied. The salespeople are bilingual and very helpful. “

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I just purchased my 3rd guitar from Luthier Music corp; and it is truly a fabulous instrument!!! I really love it!!! A special Thanks to Tony and staff for their patience and helping me to once again find the perfect guitar for me!!! Luthier Music is the best! A+++ for service, knowledge, strings & support!!! Thanks again, for always making my shopping experience a great one!!! See you again soon!


I recently bought a guitar here and I can only say that the knowledge and professionalism was SUPERB. Due to my limited awareness of guitars, I was introduced to Mr. Acosta and was very impressed by his professional demeanor and patience of explaining and teaching me about guitars. I am so grateful to him and his staff as I left the store feeling content. The staff was amazing. At no time was I pressured or disregarded. I definitely wholeheartedly recommend this store for all of your music needs.


I’ve been shopping at Luthier for around 4 or 5 years now and have been very happy with the service. Their selection of guitars and accessories, as well as books, sheet music and cds, is very extensive. Tony, the owner, is almost always there and is very happy to help. He’s a really good guy and he won’t push you into a sale(nor will any of the sales associates). I’ve recently been in the market for a new case and I was very pleased that I was able to come by every once in a while and look to see what was in stock for almost an entire year without feeling pressured. I settled on a case from Italy that is very difficult to find here in the states. That’s another perk- you’ll find things that are not commonly available, including many items imported from all over the world. Now that I’ve made the purchase, I feel like I was able to make the right decision. I would recommend to anyone serious about the guitar and to those just starting out as well.


I would like to comment about the wonderful store, Luthier Music. I had the great pleasure of knowing the owner, Mr. Acosta. In my opinion, this is probably the best guitar shop in New York City. Besides having a great collection of unique instruments, I had a wonderful experience that is not very easy to find in music shops, that is the way I was welcomed by Mr. Acosta, and all the staff in the store. I purchased one of the most wonderful instruments I ever had. A great guitar by John Price. Thank you Mr. Acosta for your help in choosing this gem of an instrument.