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Availability: SKU: GHU-06


For Stringed Instruments: Guitars, violins, cellos and mandolins. The case humidifier has 2 very small neodymium magnets located inside the seam of the humidifier. The magnets attach to your case by either a clip or a small sticky back stainless steel strip which adheres directly to the inside of your case. These magnets are extremely powerful so that the humidifier will be held strongly in place.

Case attachments: There are two case attachments included with this humidifier. The first is a “belt style” clip. If your case does not have a skirt connectiong the lid of the case to the main body of the case, this clip can be used by fitting it vertically over the back edge of the case with the flat side facing inward.
The other stainless steel attachment has a sticky back material with release tape on one side. Remove the tape and attach to the floor or back wall of the case. This may be removed without damaging the lining of your instrument.


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Weight 100 lbs