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Availability: SKU: TUN-21

MT-011 Specification: The IMT-011 combines a guitar and a bass tuner in a compact and slim body for mostly portable use.
• Built in microphone and jack for electric guitar and bass.
• Calibrate from A= 430 to 449 Hz with 1Hz step
• “Quadra flat tuning” – no need to remove a capo to tune your guitar
• Tuning: Wide Screen LCD simulates a tuning meter
• Tolerance: =/- 0.5 cents, uses Quarts Crystal
• Easy-to-read LCD meter acts like a real tuning meter: Clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents
• Super-bright and fascinating 3 colored tuning guide LED
• Automatic Power off 3 minutes with no signal
• Electric Guitar Jack Dia 3.5mm mono jack
• Power Source: Dry battery 2 X AAA (3 Volts)
• Overall Dimension: 102 x 54 x 15mm
• Weight: Approx. 90g (Including batteries)


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Weight 100 lbs