Luthier Capomatic – Classical/ Flamenco Guitars

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For Classical/ Flamenco Guitars and Instruments with flat fingerboards.

The “CAPOMATIC” is a unique capo that can be moved up and down the fretboard of the guitar without removing it.
The “CAPOMATIC” is designed to clamp onto the guitar with one hand and slide up and down the neck of the guitar with the same hand.
The “CAPOMATIC” is a quick change or roll on capo, the only TWO in ONE capo in the market.

The “Capomatic” can be held in any way the player feels comfortable, we have the following suggestions on the left.

RECOMMENDATIONS: 1) The “Capomatic” should not remain clamped on the guitar or the headstock when not in use, removing the capo from the guitar allows the rubber to restore itself to the original shape. 2) For an easy movement up & down the fretboard slightly squeeze the capo.



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